At Ecozen, we boast of passionate, highly qualified set of people working today innovating relentlessly, challenging the status quo. Our in-house R&D comprises of state-of-art hardware and software infrastruture for testing, debugging and creating new stuff everyday. Our everyday development activities revolve around thermal engineering, electronics & communications engineering, power electronics engineering and food engineering. We stive to create and deploy the best, most efficient possible and reliable products for our customers.


Our Electronics & Communications group focusses on development of software and hardware that go into our products. From operating systems to control algorithms, from designing PCBs to packaging them, we do it all. We work extensively on GPRS and GSM communication and constantly develop and improvise the control system architecture and algortihms to ensure that our products deliver the best results with maximum reliability.

Our products are enabled with facilities to log operating data from field to our web servers for the best possible service support. We further innovate to meet our requirements that cannot be catered through products and services available in the market today.

Our power electronics group focusses on research and development of several modules, ranging from motor drives and controllers to power convertors. We use various topologies to ensure that our products are powered with robust hardware. For the kinds of products that we work with, the scope is immense for development of novel and ingenious power electronic systems.

We strive to remain at the forefront of innovations in the field of solar photvoltaic and allied technologies.

Mechanical engineerig lies at the core of our product offerings. The thermal and structural engineering group at Ecozen carries out extensive research and development on refrigeration systems, heat transfer modules, heat exchangers, structural, wind loading analysis. We use state-of-art software and harware equipment for simulation and testing purposes. The group helps the power electronics group in designing efficient circuits.

We carry out cutting edge research to deploy systems, sensors and methodologies hitherto unavailable.

Ecozen strives to add value in the farm-to-fork chain for perishables. In order to accomplish that, our Agriculture reasearch team is continuously engaged in developing experimental and theoretical models around post harvest management techniques. We have over 15 paper publications in the area focussing on post harvest shelf life extension and nutrition retention in food in the cold chain.


In this fast paced world of information, our products are equipped with latest technologies to serve our customers the best way possible. In order to support this, we perform multitude of analytics on the data we generate from our products working on ground. This helps us understand how we can improvise everyday to meet the demands efficiently.

Our products are equipped with latest technologies that allow us to send and receive data remotely. The process helps us not only in analyzing our products' performance but also in servicing them better. Our analytics further keeps our clients aware about every bit that matters to them.

The groups work in tandem and in collaboration with each other to deliver the best of the solutions.